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Sindragosa Slain!
Jul 13, 10 2:24 AM
Halion Dispelled!
Jul 9, 10 3:47 PM
Blood Queen Dethroned!
May 28, 10 11:13 AM
Professor Putricide Schooled!
May 10, 10 11:54 PM
Dreamwalker Revived!
Apr 6, 10 12:34 AM
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Sindragosa Slain!

Veneretio, Jul 13, 10 2:24 AM.
Nearing the end of the night, we finally downed the dragon lady bringing us right to the Lich King's door step! 

Halion Dispelled!

Veneretio, Jul 9, 10 3:47 PM.
After a couple nights of learning, we downed the dragon on the last attempt in a nearly flawlessly kill!

Blood Queen Dethroned!

Veneretio, May 28, 10 11:13 AM.
With only a handful of guildies left alive, we finally managed to kill the Queen! (Also, clearing all farm content in the process!)

Professor Putricide Schooled!

GrapeDS, May 10, 10 11:54 PM.

Dreamwalker Revived!

GrapeDS, Apr 6, 10 12:34 AM.
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